I am a producer that has worked across commercial, documentary and fine art fields. You can check out some of my producing work here. I am a deep collaborator and result-oriented project manager, who is deeply committed to video content that engages audiences, sells products and builds brands. Whether it be a national commercials or short films or community-oriented nonprofit videos, I facilitate a seamless production process while ensuring flawless deliverables. Coming from a background in marketing and media theory, I understand your message, your medium and how to materialize your vision. 

I also work as a video creator and installation artist. You can check out my artwork here. I am interested in temporary spaces, liminal states, community intimacy and interpersonal vulnerability. Challenging alienation in our culture of viewership and human connection, I wish to contribute to a deeper way of being and looking: full of intimacy, grief, wonder and the sublime. Often activated in the context of multimedia live performance, I collaborate with other artists to reimagine the possibilities of bodies in relation to others and the space. My video joins a performance architecture that encourages a complex, active and imaginative audience engagement with living, built and conceptual bodies.