I collaborated with composer Duncan Reilly to make a site-specific audiovisual installation for the Chicago Home Theatre Festival in Bridgeport. The above video was played at the top of a stairwell that lead up to the apartment where the performances were taking place, as the audio tracks played on various speakers in the stairs.  

On the staircase ceiling, where audiences could see as they left the venue, I projected kaleidoscopic video wallpaper made from images of neighborhood spring blossoms. Gesturing towards the performances inside the apartment, the exit images combined the mystical with the everyday, transforming familiar, timely images into dreamlike and bizarre. 

A graphic displaying the words 'Here You Are Welcome' shone on the side of the staircase, viewable by audiences coming up the stairs and inside the performance space. The graphic could be reads both as 'here you are, welcome' and "here, you are welcome.' As well as creating a friendly introduction for the audience entering an intimate domestic space, it also speaks both to the festival's ethos of radical generosity in gifted domestic spaces and the sharing of art. 



From top: Looping video played at top of stairs, before threshold to inside of the apartment performance venue. Graphic Image displayed on side of staircase with transparency and overhead projector. Image projected sideways onto staircase ceiling as a moving video wallpaper to be seen as viewers left the venue.