This looping image below was played in the entranceway of a prelude performance for Imposter/ Disrupted, which took place in Gar Hall of the Chicago Cultural Center. I created an interpretive video representation of the stained glass ceiling of the performance space using footage of the dancers in the show. The piece encouraged audiences to take on a creative and open viewership, experiencing the architecture as part of the dance, and the dance as an architectural element.

Each 'panel' of the window was made from a small sample of choreography from the dance itself. The images were reflected multiple times too look like the stained glass patterns, and color-corrected to resemble the hues of the actual ceiling. Finally, each video loop was assembled into a reproduction of the ceiling. 

Cultural Center Ceiling


Above: The actual stained-glass ceiling of Gar Hall, where the dance that followed the video loop took place. Below: Looping video played at hall entrance