Projection-mapped set build and video content in collaboration with Jeremiah Jones. 

"Imagine you're wandering around an art gallery—and all the art is moving too: changing places around the room, shifting composition within works. At times you feel you're the one hanging on the wall, and the art is looking at you.

That's something like the experience of viewing Dropshift Dance's ingenious, immersive "Imposter/Contained" (third in a series), running at Links Hall through Sunday in celebration of Dropshift's fifth anniversary.

Multiple containers define the stunning set, by Jeremiah Jones and Rosa Gaia Saunders. A translucent box encloses the barely visible pianist-composer, Christopher Fisher-Lochhead. The audience risers, stripped of their chairs, entrap a performer (Weichiung Chen) who wanders her keep like the mad Lady Macbeth. Huge canvases contain video "paintings," while a towering wooden frame near one wall encloses whatever is visible through it. If it fell forward onto the floor, it would define the "stage."

- Laura Molzahn, Chicago Tribune