Imposter/ Disrupted was an in-process performance as part of the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Event's "In the Works Residency" programming. The video and choreography explores personal identity of character in response to outside force, limitation, and our environment.

The video installation I created for this work had image loops illuminating two sides of a semi-transparent tent-like structure. The two surfaces glowed upon each other, creating a dynamic lighting effect and altering both sides with the corresponding image. The video on each side sometimes matched up, sometimes complimented each other, and at times created a tension or conversation. The videos were designed to be seen differently from each angle, and viewers were invited to watch the dance from any perspective. I worked closely with the composer and dancers to create images that reflected the mood and theme of each section. I then VJed the two-channel projection during the live performance. 

Working in and around the tent structure, performers created a layered version of self; taking on fabricated personalities and movement qualities in order to thrive within the environment created by specific restraints. At times hypnotic, at times unnerving, the glowing tent could conceal, reveal or alter the images of the dancers within and around it. Imposter/Disrupted united real time sound composition, movement, video and textural installation pieces to explore the intersections of self-imposed limitation; physical, mental, and relational; with structures of power we experience within society. 




Above: a few of the video loops that were projection-mapped onto both sides of the semi-transparent 'tent' walls. The raw material of the loops was created using footage taken from GoPros attached to the dancer's bodies while performing choreography in the dance. Left: Photo documentation credit by Roberto, 2014.