I exhibited at and co-hosted The No Place, a presentation of art which proposes radical acts, intensifications, considerations of excess, a ransacking of surplus, a potlatch, and life spent living. We gathered to collectively consider spaces, places, and times in which freedom is not only possible, but actual: actual, yet invisible.

This group exhibition was part of Second Floor Rear, a festival of art in alternative and domestic spaces. My video installation, Threshold, projection-mapped images on the bay windows of the house, onto a material that allowed the images to be seen from the audience in the gallery space as well as passers-by on the outside. In both form and contact , the images reflected on liminal states of being and in-between places, becoming a portal to a non-place.  In the midst of winter, the literal threshold became a site of ecstatic longing.



Above: Photo Documentation of the No Place. Below: Video loops of the installation as seen from the inside. Bottom: Video Documentation of the installation as seen from the outside.