I edited a promotional video for an annual bike ride down Lake Shore Drive to benefit the Active Transportation Alliance, a nonprofit that supports biking, walking and transit in Chicagoland.

Documentation: ALive Series

In the three shows of Defibrillator's ALive series, a performance artist and dancer ran durational pieces simultaneously, separated by a wall. Sandrine Schaffer's minimal hand movements, twirling and twisting around twine, elevate and descend a tiny antique bell. Ayako Kato's dancing body becomes both a screen and shadow for the liquid, livid, luminous projections of Edyta Stepien. Michelle Kranicke performs a dance of tulle and light and body


Vacation fun video with two of my favorite people. 

The Heart Burgler

A piece about the power of the unexpectedly irresistible. Winner of a Second City Video Contest, to make a video with the thematic prompt of "Burgler".

Voices of Occupy Chicago

A sample of the voices of Occupy Chicago on LaSalle and Jackson the morning after the first major protest.